10 Most Amazing Revenge Stories From Around The World

December 04, 2017

We love revenge stories don’t we?
There is something great and inspiring about them that give us this feeling of utter satisfaction, when the bad guy finally gets what should have been dished out to him a long time ago.
While most of us wait for Karma to go do its job, a few of the stalwarts around the world do not wait for the leveler of life.
They go ahead and serve the dish as cold as it gets.

10. When Udham Singh took the revenge for Jallianwala Baug Massacre


The incident is one of the most infuriating and saddest points in our struggle for Independence. Innocent Indians were butchered by the army. They were unarmed, and hence it was nothing but murder.
While most of us know and have read that it was General Dyer who gave the orders to shoot and keep shooting, many Sikhs at the time blamed Michael O’Dwyer for premeditating the attack. He was the Lieutenant Governer of Punjab at the time and General Dyer took orders directly from him.
Udham Singh, a revolutionary freedom fighter took revenge in the most heroic fashion. The Jalianwala Baug massacre happened in the year 1919. Udham Singh made his way to Germany and from there to London. He shaved his beard off (he was a Sikh) and cut off his hair.
The, after 21 years, on March 13, 1940, Udham Singh shot dead O’Dwyer in Caxton Hall. he did not protest, he did not evade, he surrendered and was hanged to death.
A revenge story literally 21 years in the making.

9. The classic revenge story of Maharajah of Alawar


You al have probably heard of this story. Jai Singh, Maharajah of Alwar in Rajasthan was walking on the streets of London in plain clothes. He enquired about a car after it caught his eye. The salesman dismissed the maharajah thinking that he was a poor Indian in a wrong place.
This happened pre-independence when Indians were still looked upon as inferior creatures by the British.
Sufficient to say, the Maharajah did not take this treatment graciously. He bought all the cars in that showroom and personally invited the manager to his palace.
He then used these cars as garbage disposal vehicles in front of the manager.
The incident is so famous and so burnt, it is one of the most popular revenge stories Indians know.

8. When Indian Mars Mission was mocked by The New York Times

After ISRO successfully launched the Mars Orbit Mission, the New York Times published the following cartoon –

It showed Indians in the most stereotypical way – a turbaned man leading a cow.
However irony in life is rich, and some time later the US rocket Antares failed and exploded catastrophically. Hindustan Times was quick to counter jab with a witty cartoon –

And it was satisfying as hell.

7. When a guy did the most ridiculous and revengeful thing ever to his ex


A man was cheated on by his wife. Routine stuff, nothing new here.
Then she left him and moved in with her new boyfriend. Again, brutal, but has happened before.
This is when the ditched man snapped. He bought a new house right beside the house in which his ex now loved. Then he installed the statue of a hand showing the middle finger outside it.
Not very mature, but pretty brutal and entertaining as a revenge story.

6. Dogs take revenge too


A driver in Chongqing in China, one fine day, aimed a good kick on a peacefully sleeping dog in his driveway. The dog was a stray and didn’t take this beating in good sport like all strays.
The dog came back with his friends when the driver was not there and vandalized the driver’s most prized property – his car. After the dog and his dog friends were done with the car, it had more than a few dents and the windshield wipers were beyond repair. Not a lot of damage per se, but the driver will think twice before kicking a dog after this.

5. Destroying a half million dollar car because of bad customer service


A man in China – the owner of a beautiful Maserati – accused his dealer of fraud. he alleged that the dealer replaced the faulty parts with old parts and not the brand new ones. The talks must have soured because the owner then took this car to an International Auto show and trashed it.
He actually hired men to break the car down with sledgehammers, and because it was an auto show, the press and onlookers had a field day.
Breaking your own car is not exactly revenge, but when you can afford it….why not, right?

4. The boy who took revenge on his teacher in the most beautiful way


Wetherspoons is a name of a pub chain in England and there are a 1000 pubs around the country. It is an extremely successful business because the revenue is well over a billion UK Sterling Pound. Now, when you come across a pub named Wetherspoons, it is natural to assume that one of the founders must be named Wetherspoons too, right?
The founder of the pub chain is a fellow named Tim Martin, and he had a primary school teacher who once said that little Tim will not amount to anything, so Tim opened a successful business venture in his teacher’s name.
Revenge is best served chilled – like beer.

3. When Sachin Tendulkar showed Brad Hogg who is the boss in the long run


On October 5, 2007, India was playing Australia and India was chasing a total of 290 runs. Brad Hogg was bowling and Sachin was at the crease. It was the 24th over and Brad Hogg bowled Tendulkar clean.
Hogg celebrated gleefully, which is understandable because he took the wicket of Tendulkar by bowling him clean.
All well and good.
The next day Hogg took the picture of Sachin getting out and went up to Sachin and asked him to sign it. Tendulkar, being the perfect gentleman agreed but with a twist. He wrote  another line on it which read –
“This will never happen again, Hoggy.”
And it never did. Brad Hogg retired way before Tendulkar did, and never had the good fortune of taking his wicket ever again.
A gentlemanly revenge.

2. United Airlines screwed up again and tried to take revenge in a cruel way


A young software entrepreneur named Aktarer Zaman figured out a loophole in airline ticket booking. He figured out how people can save a lot of money by efficiently optimizing their travel route by booking their tickets through his site called skiplagged.com 
The problem here is that the airline companies want people to book the tickets in the usual way and not through skiplagged because through skiplagged they are losing money.
Hence, they did what every stupid company does – they sued the young man.
It backfired as the court threw out the case. It should have stopped here, but it didn’t. United Airlines threatened the customers now – that if they were found using skiplagged for buying tickets they would lose their frequent flier status and won’t get booking privileges for return flights.
This backfired too, as the public image of United Airlines fell even more. Classic case of revenge gone wrong.

1. When a regular musician brought down a major international airline company


A small time musician Dave Carroll from Canada lost his guitar at the airport. Not lost in the literal sense, but it was severely damaged. An onlooker had seen airline staff throwing guitars during the layover flight when the baggage is transferred between airplanes.
Dave complained and also filed for compensation but was rejected for both by indifferent airline staff. Frustrated, he made a music video called “United Breaks Guitars” and uploaded it on YouTube.
The video went viral, and heavily damaged the airline company’s reputation.
So much so that its stock price dropped 10%. That’s a whopping $180 million dollars in losses for the shareholders.

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